Emmett Till, like the Great Migration and The Mississippi Blues, has created an inextricable and enduring connection between Chicago and the state of Mississippi.

Come experience the saga of Emmett Till as he journeyed from Chicago to Mississippi and as he made his tragic and final pilgrimage back to Chicago.

Please join Opera Southern, founded in 2017 by faculty at Southern University and A&M College, as we breathe new life into this pivotal and iconic story. You will hear music influenced by Negro Spirituals and Gospel, as sung in the Mississippi Delta in the 1950’s.

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Opera Southern was formed in 2017 by faculty of Southern University and A&M College. The artists who perform with Opera Southern include Southern University faculty & students, local artists and seasoned professionals invited from locations throughout the United States. Opera Southern’s most recent production was “Rigoletto: Reimagined” which relocated the original Rigoletto opera from the Italian renaissance city of Mantua, Italy to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was performed at the Theatre Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge, La.