This is an initiative of the SU System’s Office of Online Learning Services (OOLS) led by Professor Moustapha Diack, a national and international expert in deploying eLearning systems and related innovations to address Student Success and College Affordability. Under the leadership of Prof. Diack, SU has developed numerous Professional Development institutes (PDI) to prepare and certify faculty and eLearning practitioners from the SU campuses and affiliated organizations to design and deliver quality online courses and degrees aligned to the national norms and current quality standards. The SUS PDI are aligned to current industry quality assurance aligned with the Quality Matters (QM) organization and the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) consortium. It is the intention of OOLS and the Associate V. P.  to collect funds in support of its Office. Our fundraising goal of 2,000,000 will be achieved through registration for the PDIs and donation from our Alumni. Fund collected will be essentially used to build a 21st century eLearning infrastructures.