When you show your school spirit by giving, everyone wins! Southern University students, alumni, and fans can show their support for their schools and communities by participating in the Fanraising Challenge vs Jackson State from now until the big game on Saturday, November 16, 2019 through halftime.

Proceeds will benefit Capital Area United Way Disaster Relief. The mission of Capital Area United Way is to improve lives by leveraging partnerships in our community to advance the common good through education, income stability, healthy living and basic needs.

How does my gift make a difference in the local community?

The goal of Capital Area United Way is to move the needle by creating a ripple of real change that not only affects lives today but impacts the future of our community for generations to come. Everyone can win when a child succeeds in school, families are financially stable, people have good health and people recover from disasters. Together, united, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a brighter future.

In the 2020-2021 fiscal year Capital Area United Way invested $2.7 million in 41 programs with 32 non-profits in our 10 Parish Service area as part of the three-year funding cycle. In addition, $809,000 was invested though 59 Project Based grants, $430,000 was invested through 77 COVID-19 Relief Response grants and $160,000 in Community Responsive grants.

Currently, Capital Area United Way is working with communities that have been affected by current disasters, such as Ida, in our service area to support long term recovery. Capital Area United Way is here for our communities before, during and after natural disasters. Donations received through this Fanraising Challenge will benefit Disaster Relief