“Dialogue with Dow,” sponsored by the Southern University (SU) Career Services Center, viewed via Southern University Facebook Live on October 7, opened a discussion for the company to share its views on the importance of inclusion in the workforce. Panelists included Dow leadership, some who are graduates from Southern University who have contributed greatly to the company’s success in recruiting a diverse workforce, especially from Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Teenie Raby, operations leader at Dow’s St. Charles operation center was recruited by Dow in 2002.

Tamara Foster-Montgomery, director of the SU Career Services Center, welcomes guests from Dow during opening remarks at the Valdry Center for Philanthropy at Southern University.

“Southern University has had a connection with Dow since 1973. I was recruited as part of the Chancellor’s Scholarship Program, and I am proud to be a product of that partnership. Dow is a great place for SU graduates to have a place and a future in the industry,” said Raby.

Dow’s partnership with SU aligns with the company’s ambition is to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable materials science company in the world.

Scott White, senior resonsible care director at Dow said, “This strategic partnership is very important because I belive in racial equality, and I want to do everything that I can to advance it. It’s time to end systemic racism, and I’m glad to be given the platform to do my very best to help make that happen. When we have an upper-level leadership team that looks like a representation of the population, we will be there. We know the great level of talent at SU, and recruiting great students can become a part of that solution.”

Dow’s University Partnership Initiative is a focused investment with strategic university partners, including SU, to develop multi-dimensional relationships to: create inclusive and diverse research environments to accelerate innovation, train a ready workforce for the next generation of chemical industry professionals, hire the best and brightest innovators for the future, advance cutting-edge science with the fresh and leading perspectives, participate in the use of unique, world-class facilities, and drive technology forward in the safest and most sustainable ways.

“We are elated to continue to build upon the existing relationship that Southern University has with Dow. Dow continues to be a proven partner that is dedicated to the institution and our students by providing job opportunities, co-ops, and internships,” said tama Foster-Montgomery, director of the SU Career Services Center.

“Dialogue with Dow” also included a corporate overview, open discussions with SU students, and virtual classroom visits.

Dow Senior Leadership panelists, Pictured left: Stephan Pierre, Project Execution Director; Pictured right: Scott White, Senior Responsible Care Director.