Ph.D. candidates from the Southern University Environmental Toxicology Department are currently conducting research on the role of microvesicles/exosomes in smoke induced lung injury under the guidance of Sanjay Batra, Ph.D., associate professor of environmental toxicology. This research is made possible by a grant from the Southern University System

Foundation. The results of this important research will set a platform for the future submission of extramural grant application and a research article by PhD students in Toxicology at Southern University.

Through this support, experts within the Southern University System harness research methods from varying fields that provide space for discovery-based research.  The Southern University Department of Environmental Toxicology received funding and published “Immune-related Gene Polymorphisms in Pulmonary Diseases.” Project investigator and associate professor Sanjay Batra and a host of Southern University

students that worked diligently until their research was published with Elsevier, a scientific, technical, and medical information analytics company.