Brown’s Group Scholars Fund

We are so grateful to Southern University for all we have received, and now want to invest in our students and faculty. We will invest by growing this scholarship fund and demonstrating in a tangible way what it means to be “TrueBLUE.”


“Back in the early days,” Dr. Felton G. Clark said at his retirement, “the students had a feeling the students should not stand as tall as they were capable. But now they see themselves as human beings endowed with all the qualities of any man. Up until recently, the Negro has had to think about food and shelter before astronomy and physics. You‐can’t do much creating while digging a ditch. Now Negroes are working in the chemical labs instead of sweeping them out.”

New York Times July 6, 1970.
So I think as people become enlightened…, they will see what is best. 

We invite the Jaguar Nation to join us in “Creating a Culture of Philanthropy.”