Student Impact: Student Giving Campaign
(Supporting Our Students)

Each fall southern University alumni commit to making contributions to leave their legacy at our favorite university during the Millon Dollar March Campaign and SU Give Day. Southernnites are paying it forward to the next generation and giving back to the 1880 Fund, Southern University Alumni Federation, SULC, SUNO, SUSLA, Athletics, Nursing, and more! $5, $10, $18.80, or $20.22 – every gift makes an impact.

The SPC (Student Philanthropy Council) dedicated to educating students about the importance of philanthropy at Southern University is embarking on a Class Challenge by SU Students. That means students like you! Next stop (with your help) – 1880 student donors!

This year has not been easy for our community of Jaguars and we are working harder than ever to raise support. Imagine what your life would be like without Southern University. The memories you’ve created, the friends you’ve made, the information you’ve learned and the experience you’ve gained will benefit you for years to come. Here is your opportunity to continue to shape this legacy while establishing your own legacy at Southern.

We know that everyone can’t support and every gift made is a sacrifice. If you’re able, thank you! If you aren’t, we understand. The President’s Safety Net Fund was created to support juniors and seniors at risk of not graduating from Southern University. This fiscal year, all gifts to Supporting Our Students And the 1880 Annual Fund will support scholarships and help ensure a future for Southern students. Through your generosity, you will be an inspiration to your fellow classmates to give to the College and make a significant impact on campus through philanthropy.

Suggested Giving Amounts Per Class Year
Graduation Gift – $20.22
1880 Ambassador – $18.80
TrueBLUE- $10.00
All for One and One for All – $5.00

While all gift amounts are welcomed, seniors that contribute $20.22 will receive a Foundation TrueBLUE lapel pin.