Southern University Engineering Alumni Society (SEAS)

The SEAS Engineering Scholars Program

The SEAS Engineering Scholars program is a four-year scholarship initiative developed to increase the number of career ready engineers graduating from Southern University. It is a cohort of high academic achieving students who matriculate together, inspire one another, and thusly produce outstanding results. Program includes:

  • Competitive Scholarship Dollars
  • Assigned Engineering Alumni Mentor
  • Summer College Readiness Program
  • Ongoing Professional Development

Legacy Revival

Southern University is uniquely positioned to develop minority engineers of the future. No institution has a better history of converting gifted minority students into productive contributors than Southern. Since 1956, more than 6000 underrepresented minority engineers have graduated from Southern University, more than any other school nationwide. It is in our DNA. We are asking you to invest in the SEAS Engineering Scholars Program, which in turn is an investment in the future.